/> Hey guys!

Hey guys!

My friend and I have been searching everywhere for the Panic! At The Disco 'REINVENT <3' bracelets and we have had no luck finding them, so we've taken it upon ourselves to make our own!

So we are selling replicas of the original Fueled By Ramen 'REINVENT <3' bracelets as shown in the background!


Overall Price! (Including Shipping):

£7.00 ($12 to all you American folk)

1) Go to http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/REINVENT-LOVE-BRACELET-Panic-At-The-Disco-/120960470884?pt=UK_Music_Music_Memorabilia_LE&hash=item1c29ce4f64#ht_500wt_1057 which is an ebay listing.

2) Paypal. Go to paypal’s website, if you don't have an account already click sign up and follow all the instructions. Then, click send money, type in my email- fizzycolacubes@hotmail.com, and type in £7 :) Then, in the ‘email to recipient’ type your username, real name and address- That way I know who you are and where to send it to!

3) Alternatively, you could send money to my home address- just ask and I'll send you it privately!

If you need any help, just ask!
Jul 31 '12

deanwnichester-deactivated20130 asked:

for the bracelets, is there a way i could pay with a credit card, like on eBay or something? (-:


Just made it today, :D

Jul 31 '12

Jul 31 '12

snimtug asked:

Hi! Please save one for me! I'll be sending my money out asap! (i was iamanoctagon on your original list :) )

Okiedoke! :)

Jul 30 '12


Hey everyone! I hope you’re all having a great summer!

Bracelets have been selling really well, and as of now I only have about 50 more. If you want one, I HAVE to know now and get the money as soon as possible ready to send it out to you as we are going to run out.

For instructions, read our bio!

Lots of reinvented love,

Sarah xo

Jul 24 '12

sequinedsuplexes asked:

you're still selling bracelets, right? (:

I sure am! :)

Jul 3 '12

fifthchildkaworu asked:

thanks but i meant name wise sorry i should have phrased that better

Ah, Sarah Lusher :)

Jul 2 '12

fifthchildkaworu asked:

can i send you the money in the post? i dont have a paypal and i'm not old enough to get one

Sure! My address is 12 Dunes Avenue, blackpool, lancashire, england, fy4 1px :)

Jul 2 '12

japanese-vomit asked:

hi i sent you a payment moments ago. how long would it take to get to the US?

I have sent it today, and I believe it takes a week or just under :)

Jun 30 '12

fifthchildkaworu asked:

hey do you have any bracelets left? i kept forgetting to buy one!

Yes! All the instructions are in my bio :D

Jun 29 '12


Limited number left to send out now! Buy before I sell out! :)